How I name my files:

June 30, 2016  •  1 Comment

Naming files:

I have my camera set to name all my files starting with JRP-#### (Jack Rogers Photography) but, I can not leave my files like that because the counter will reset itself after 9999 captures.  So, at one point I have to rename my files to avoid having multiple images with the same name.

There are many ways of naming files: by project, client, location etc…  I tried them all and I quickly realized that maintaining consistency is next to impossible.

The only way that works for me is to name my files by date and sequence number.  

My workflow:

  1. I copy all my images from camera memory cards to an "Import" folder on my computer.  I copy all files from all cards from the entire day, project or trip.
  2. I import everything from my "Import" folder to Adobe Lightroom assigning basic metadata to all files then I sort them by capture time. 
  3. I rename them all to YYMMDD-####.  This is my unique image identifier.  From now on this is the master name of a master file and it will never change.
  4. I make a backup.

Output files:

Most of the time the output files out of Lightrom are going to be called the same as my raw files.  For example,150823-0037.CR2 for raw and 150823-0037.jpg for the output file.  If for some reason I need an output files with a different names I will call them:




150521-0019_w.jpg (for web) or

150823-0086_p.jpg (panorama)…… but, each file will start with the unique identifier so, I can easily find the corresponding master file.