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I am a photographer who loves to travel. I have taken photos throughout Europe and the U.S.

I grew up in Poland, came to the U.S. in 1981 and reside with my wife and our two children in Mansfield, Texas.

I specialize in portraits, seniors and weddings, but I also love landscape and travel photography.

140612-0999140612-0999Mansfield, Texas
© 2014 Jack Rogers Photography

I offer a variety of photography services for corporations and individuals: 
corporate portraits, business meetings, parties and other company events, on location
portraits, high school seniors portraits, family portraits, engagements and weddings ....


What others said about me:

It amazes me how you can find beauty in the most mundane things. You can take a rusty old car from a junk yard and turn it into a beautiful work of art, just by the way you photograph it. You have some serious talent. Thanks for sharing the world as you see it. " - LG

Oh my goodness Jack this is absolutely gorgeous... My all time favorite ! Gosh I love your work :) - JMG

Enjoyed being a part of Jenns and Kalebs wedding day, Love all the photos of the day.

Jack photoJack photo I think that Jack Rogers did a awesome job getting each moment with that glow in the bride and groom. - DM

"Wow Jack you take some amazing photos...I felt so special and honored to be your model today. You are amazing ! The photo is just gorgeous:)" - JG
"OMG I love them!! Thank y'all so much. You Did a great job Jack!" - AC
We took family/kid pics today;) The kids had a blast,who knew taking pics could be so fun!?!...I can't wait to share our family with you all! I have to say we have found a talented,fun loving photographer;)) I do recommend him if you are looking;) — with Jack Rogers.

Stunning work Jack! Your eye never ceases to amaze me! - KC

Jack Rogers is the most amazing photographer I have ever seen work a wedding! He is so sweet, gracious and friendly - and he takes great pictures! Thanks Jack - GD

Jack, your pictures are amazing as always. They look like postcards! I would give anything to have your talent! Thanks for sharing. - HC

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I love your work - you have some amazing pictures. - SB.

I recommend this website too anyone who is looking to self-publish, and needs a good photographer: Jack@jackrogersphotography.com - RP

Jack, You never cease to amaze me! I wish I could see this world through your eyes.. such beauty to behold!

Jack, you are amazing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! I get so emotional when I see all my kids together and especially as your work of art. - HC

20140727.082521.EOS40D.IMG_962520140727.082521.EOS40D.IMG_9625 Thank you for sharing your gift with us all.... it is a true pleasure to witness! - KC

Jack the photo album is magical. Many thanks to you......You are great! - DM

Jack, you and that Jack Rogers Photography group are OUTSTANDING!! - MM

 Again, thank you so much, they are GREAT! - HC

love them now trying to figure out which ones i want to buy! So many to choose from! Thank you so much! - NS

All of the pictures are awesome! - HC

You did a great job! - MM

Jack, we loved loved loved the DVD! Fabulous. - MB

Excellent as always, wow, I wish that I could have that much talent with my pics., not even close. - MG

Very nice as usual pics Jack - HB

 Beautiful work jack. I think you have found your true calling. - SR

Thank you so much for sending! Is this where you were? STUNNING! - KC

wow! Absolutely beautiful. - KC

Unbelievable! You are so talented! I had no idea how beautiful it was there. Great colors....great buildings..... - KC

I just want to thank you so much for coming to our house and taking those beautiful pictures! We are very happy with them. - KB

Great photographs! - RO

Awesome Jack!!! - JC

 Beautiful images Jack!!!! You are soooo good! - DR

Nice picts Jack! - FD

bridals 14bridals 14 Jack: Web site looks great. - BF

There are some AWESOME pics in there!! - EM

Hey Jack. I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for everything. The photo shoots have been a real success for me. You made me realize what I want to do in my future! And I know it doesn't seem like much but I've never had any clue in my mind what I wanted to do when I grew older; but you have really encouraged me to go for my dreams! Your photography has been a big step in my life. And I really appreciate you pushing me to go for my dreams. :) You are my inspiration. Thank you. so so so much. - MT

You have a keen eye for photography. Impressive. - KL

You take such beautiful pictures Jack. - KM

You are still wondrous !! - SE

You did AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - MB

You got some really great shots. - LB

Thanks so much for taking our pictures. They were great. - JO

Oh, Jack, these are awesome!!! You certainly are talented! - JS

Amazing pictures! - SK

The pictures turned out great. The hardest part is narrowing down the best few. - KC

I saw your images on the web and was impressed. - KH

You do amazing work! - CH

Beautiful pictures. I didn't know how pretty Pittsburgh could be in the summer months - BD

Jack, darling, your pictures are unbelievable! Wonderful! I just took some time to look at your galleries. Unreal. - EC

These are great! You did a fantastic job! Love the variety of expression and hair… Great job!!! - GB

What a difference a professional photographer has made to my photo! Thanks again Jack! - LS

This was high quality work from Jack Rogers Photography!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - MM

"Hi Jack, Loved the pics! ... Your work is the meaning of excellence!" - KC

"I love all your photos Jack." - CP

150121-0241150121-0241Jack Rogers
Dallas, Texas
© 2015 Jack Rogers Photography

140719-0003-Jack140719-0003-JackMansfield, Texas
© 2014 Jack Rogers Photography

Jack rogers photography

Omg !! There so amazing !! I absolutly adore them ! Your a miracle worker :) there absolutely amazing thank you for also including my Lil sister :')) that was so sweet! - PR